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Explaining the Science Behind School Safety Measures

Webinar video from August 17, 2020



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Dianne Herr- Glastonbury: 

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DEEP Educator Resources

Webinar video from August 19, 2020

Copy of Powerpoint with listed resources

Dinosaur State Park - More information on above Powerpoint

    • Dinosaur Park online
      • Live virtual tours
      • Fossil videos (arranged by geological periods)
      • Online Investigations
      • Live Virtual Fossils
      • Indoor and Outdoor Virtual Tours

No Child Left Inside - Great Backyard Pursuit

Project Learning Tree - Project Learning Tree Curriculum offerings

Project Wet - Water education curriculum, grades K-12

In an effort to help our state science teachers in this unprecedented situation we are listing some distance learning resources that were recommended by our members.  Some may fit into your curriculum.  They may not follow NGSS standards directly, but the content will be sound.   Please keep in mind that this page will be updated regularly.   If you have OER resources that you would like to share, please email us at    We are all in this together, so we appreciate those who would like to share.  

NGSS Resources

Supporting the Intentional Integration of the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS)Science and Engineering PracticesResources developed by teachers participating in the 100Kin10 project

The Wonder of Science - Paul Andersen's site is organized by Phenomena, Assessments, Standards, etc 

OpenSciEd - Middle school units, some with remote learning adaptations.


Various companies are lending their platforms for free access for educational uses.   Here are links and their policies:

NSTA Interactive E-books - Middle, High - Now available with free access.  NSTA Elementary E-books - Phenomena based, STEM stories


BioRender - Create life science diagrams with ready made icons and templates

Edpuzzle - All levels - Store your own or use online videos for interactive video lessons.   Free pricing allows you to create and add questions to 20 videos. 

Flipgrid - All levels - teachers and students can record and share projects and assignments

Google For Education - Applied Digital Skills - Late Elem, Middle, High - self-paced Google Suite, research, digital citizenship.  Google For Education Distance Learning Tips

SMART Distance Learning - All levels  SMART is also opening up their platform for free during this time. They have their own product and a section for sharing lessons. More information

Screencastify - Record your lessons by screen casting - Instructional site with ways to introduce and interpret graphs to help students make sense of data. .  


Anywhere Labs - Middle, High - Distance learning lessons and labs, free

BSCS Science Learning - Mid, High - has organized some Open SciEd resources to use 

Book Creator - Elem, Middle - Book creator is offering free use of the ability to create books collaboratively in real time for 90 days if closed for the COVOD-19 virus. 

Bozeman Science - Middle, High     YouTube channel   Paul Andersen - Moving Your Class Online

Brainpop - Elem, Middle - If your school is closed due to the COVOD-19 virus, you may receive free, unlimited use of the full BrainPop suite during the period of closure.  You do need to fill out the form located at the link.

CK-12 - Elem, Middle, High - Free lessons and textbooks on many subjects. These are stated as NGSS aligned but we have not verified this.  Content of lessons is good. 

Concord Consortium - All levels - OER resource database for STEM or you can use as a lesson platform

Earth Observatory for Kids - Elem - Lessons use images and data from NASA - try Peeking at Penguins: Poop from Space

Educational Innovations - All levels - Videos on simple demonstrations

ExploreLearning Gizmos - All levels - 

HHMI BioInteractive - High - Short Life and Earth science videos and lessons 

Generation Genius - Elem - Science lessons with videos linked to NGSS standards - one month free

iBiology - High - current videos

JASON Learning - All levels JASON Learning offers free accounts to CT public school teachers and their students. They have many lessons and videos that support NGSS.

Kahoot - All levels -  Kahoot! offers free access to all features to support distance learning in schools affected by the coronavirus outbreakEducation institutions can get free access to Kahoot! Premium to empower distance and online learning and engage students anywhere, anytime. Develop your own questions.  You can also use Kahoots developed by other teachers but check the content first.  

Lab-aids - Upper Elem, Mid - Earth and You - videos and downloadable booklet for geoscience

Khan Academy - High - High school and AP level tutorials.  Imagineering in a Box -Middle, High - Collaboration with Disney, lessons designing a theme park.

Masters In Data Science High - Blog: Resources to Teach and Learn Data Science in High School  - Scroll down  page for  31 lesson plans and activities.

Mystery Science - Elem - Free membership, readings and activities for grades K-5

National Geographic Education - All levels - free resources with National Geographic's high quality. National Geographic Explorer Classroom  Connect students with National Geographic Explorers across all seven continents.  

NASA at Home - All levels - Videos, ebooks, interviews and family activities

Nearpod - platform that gives lessons and links, some free, some paid 

Newsela - Elem, Middle - Provides news articles on various topics which can be read at four different reading levels.  Many of the articles are available with a free account

NOVA - NOVA is sharing collections of many past NOVA films, organized by subject.  

Ocean Tracks - High - Data sets modules based on ocean animal tracking

PBS Learning Media - All levels -  Free videos in a wide variety of subjects.  PBS will be hosting a webinar on Wednesday, March 18, at 7 pm on Distance Learning with PBS. 

PhET - Middle, High -  PhET Interactive Simulations project at the University of Colorado Boulder creates free interactive math and science simulations. PhET sims are based on extensive education research and engage students through an intuitive, game-like environment where students learn through exploration and discovery.

Physics4Kids ,Chem4Kids , Biology4Kids , Geography4Kids - Elem,Middle - Basic content and online quizzes.  Banner ads can be distracting

Purdue University - Mid, High - Their 25-35 minute Superheroes of Science videos link scientists with science concepts.  

RazKids - Elem - Leveled reading program that offers science lessons and activities.  

Scholastic - Elem - Scholastic has gathered lessons for elementary schools using their stories and videos

Science Buddies - Elem, Middle - Free lessons, projects and activities.

SEPUP - Middle, High - Many lessons and simulations from their programs.   Click into the curriculum and course and you will find the lessons under student. 

Space Foundation - Video lessons, STEM challenges and webinars for all levels. 

Spark101 - Free, 10 minute STEM challenges with video

SparkofScience - All levels - Franklin Institute Museum of Science videos on science concepts.

Sun and Solar STEM Experiments - Elem, Middle - Games and Activities about the solar power. Recommended by a STEMette!

Vernier - Middle, High - Remote Learning webinars and videos using Vernier instruments and data

VisionLearning - High School - Science modules with readings, quizzes, and related resources. 

Coding - All levels  Short, engaging coding activities.  Can also set up classes on programming

Tynker - Elem, Middle - Tynker, a coding program, will be available free to schools facing closures.  They are also scheduling free webinars for teachers on how to use the Tynker coding program to support at-home learning. 

Virtual Field Trips

Exploring By the Seat of Your Pants - EBSOYP is continuing their live free events with leading scientists, explorers, adventurers and conservationists around the world.  Parents and students may join in live events and ask questions.  All events are recorded on You-Tube for future viewing.  More information on events

Google Earth - National Park tours

Cincinnati Zoo - The zoo will be uploading videos and activities each day at 3:00 on its Facebook and YouTube channel

Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory -  All levels - check schedule -One of the top Earth Science Labs will be streaming live webinars twice a week beginning April 6

NOAA Live Webinars - All levels - Live webinars geared towards gr. 2-8 will be presented at 11 am on Mon, Wed and Fri.  with a Q & A session.  The webinars will also be archived.  

Zooniverse - Upper Elem, Mid, High -  This website gathers citizen science projects that use crowd sourcing to review data.  Projects range from classifying baby sounds to searching for exoplanets and galaxies.  


Engineering is Elementary - Elem -  Engineering problem solving booklets

ITEEA Big Book of STEM Challenges - Book 1 - all levels.  Activities for classes and student projects. 

ITEEA Big Book of STEM Classroom Activities - all levels.  125+ challenges and team designs

James Dyson Foundation - Elem, Middle - Dyson engineers have developed free STEM challenges for children

NASA STEM Engagement - All levels - List of free resources available through NASA.   Also try NASA at Home for a variety of activities including podcasts, virtual tours and ebooks

Pitsco STEM at Home - Elem, Middle - Activities for elementary and STEM readings for Middle school

StopMotion for Beginners - Elem, Middle - How to explanation on creating stop-motion videos

TeachEngineering - all levels - includes at-home activities

Connecticut and Region Nature Resources

Beardsley Zoo - Activities, webcams and video conferences are offered 

Bronx Zoo (It's close!) - Elem - Stay at Home Science - Worksheets and video links on animal behaviors. 

Bruce Museum -  Mid, High - Online displays of exhibits - Under the Skin - this exhibition visits the cutting edge of biological visualizations, highlighting new techniques and new discoveries. 

Connecticut Science Center - Down to a Science Blog offers ideas for learning activities

Connecticut Sea Grant - all levels - Pamphlets and booklets are all downloadable.  Links to other SeaGrant resources

Earth Institute Live - Columbia University and Lamont Doherty offer videos of scientific interest.  Some are marked and geared for K-12 education, like A Day in the Life of the Hudson River (gr 3-5). 

Maritime Aquarium - all levels - Distance learning for families and schools.  Educational programs involve live instruction by an Aquarium educator and include supplemental readings and activities. 

Museum of the Earth - all levels - Many resources listed for teachers and parents.  Many virtual tours of the museum - try their newest exhibit - Bees - Diversity, Evolution, Conservation

Mystic Aquarium - Elem, Mid - Facebook live events and crafts

You-Tube Channels

FuseSchool -  GlobalEducation - UK channel offering video clips in all disciplines. 

Earth Rocks! - video tutorials used in intro college level gen ed earth science courses at City College of San Francisco

FunScienceDemos - Elem, Mid - From Temple University, videos on many topics

GeoScience Videos -  short videos on a variety of basic geoscience topics

IRIS Earthquake Science -  animations and videos on geoscience

Debacco University - Biology YouTube videos on current topics

Marc Rober -  In addition to his past science and engineering videos, Marc is developing "Science Class" where he delivers a problem - Why does Helium Make Your Voice Go Higher" and then does science demos to demonstrate the concepts.  

SciShow - All levels - Videos on many science topics    SciShowKids - Elem science videos

ScienceOverEverything - Middle, High Videos and lessons including STEM careers

TMartScience - Earth Science teacher, explorer and artist


AP College Board updates - continually evolving

Distance Learning Tips from One Teacher to Another - PBS Teacher Lounge

What Teachers in China have Learned in the Past Month - good suggestions.

105 Tools for Distance Learning & Strategies for Student Engagement - 

Resources for Teaching Online Due to School Closures - In addition to websites, this article explains various lesson models and platforms. 

Edpuzzle: a Core Tool During the Coronavirus Closures - Promotes Edpuzzle but gives good advice about school lesson planning. 

Lesson Suggestions

Science Routines in a Distance Learning Class - Nicole Bolduc and Tori Schilling from Ellington Middle School share how they use Jamboard in their NGSS science classes. 

Ian Freedman (shared via NYS Physics listserv) - Physics Teacher, John Jay Senior HS, Hopewell Junction, NY

    NYS Master Teacher, NYSED Education Specialist

“Let me share some materials that I use, in case they're helpful for distance learning.  Here is a file of notes and problems, and links to YouTube lecture videos.  I hand out packets for each unit, which include note sheets and activities. The notes are based on flipped classroom videos that I made. I don't actually run a flipped classroom anymore, and I don't often assign videos to students to watch, but I still find the videos very useful, especially when students are absent. I’m hopeful they will be useful for distance learning as well. The videos are pretty traditional lectures, typically 5-10 min long, but occasionally longer. They are based on the content in the Regents Physics curriculum (not the new NYS Science Standards). The lessons don't go into great depth or application of concepts (we do that in class), but they're good for a basic understanding of concepts.  These days, I typically start most units with labs, and let the students figure out the concepts for themselves. Afterwards, I'll often ask them to fill in the notes sheets, and they can usually get about 2/3 of the notes themselves without any lecturing.   

This link goes to a folder with the notes sheets in them. It includes YouTube URLs to the videos for each unit. I did not include the activity sheets or labs here.

Tim Dolgas Chemistry YouTube Channel -  Based on New York Regent Standards.  Teacher’s Website:

Sarah English Chemistry YouTube Channel

Mr Palermo's Flipped Classroom - High School Chemistry

Explore science related to what you are currently learning from one of these websites

  •             Keep track of what you have learned.
  •             Write down your explanation of the science concepts.
  •             Be prepared to share with your classroom when you get back

TRY AN EXPERIMENT AT HOME (with adult supervision) and make sure it is a controlled experiment/fair test. (independent/dependent variable). Keep track of your data and explain use - Tim Martin's website includes lessons in Meterology, Geology and Astronomy.  Includes many lessons and resources

New Jersey Center for Teaching and Learning - Free classroom lessons

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